Welcome to the W-factor

How much W do you have in you?

The W-Factor is unlike any other – and that’s because we’re looking for people who are unlike any other. We’re looking for individuals in a league of their own; people who have much more than the X-Factor. The W-Factor is about individuality, flair and out-of-the-box thinking – all wrapped up in gutsy drive and determination. Is that you? See how many of the following criteria you meet:

  • You work with and not against your individuality, you believe uniqueness breeds success
  • You have a panoramic view and like to see things from a variety of angles
  • You believe in yourself and know you are here to make an impact
  • You already have what it takes to succeed but are an ever-evolving person; always open to new learnings
  • You want to be part of a family that believes in making a difference, by being the difference

Call to action for application date:

Interested in applying for articles? Be proactive; the road to becoming part of the Werksmans family starts with you. Make sure you reach out to us and apply for your articles well in time to be considered. The full list of requirements can be found here.