Understand the client. Understand the matter. Forge the process.

Success is more than what you do. It is rooted in ethos and culture; it explores and interrogates your understanding of what truly matters. The Werksmans ethos is a simple but powerful one – intense focus, exceptional agility and unrivalled expertise. Similarly, the Werksmans culture sculpts our approach to all we do as leading corporate and commercial lawyers. It drives us to perform at a level that exceeds client expectations, enabling us to see our founder’s vision and equipping us to tackle each matter with unwavering focus and commitment.

Our culture is the framework around which we have built our coveted reputation as one of the oldest, most prestigious law firms in Africa. This reputation speaks to the calibre of corporate and commercial lawyers who make up the firm; many of whom are recognised as experts in their fields by their peers both locally and abroad.

A culture that asks each one of us to be inspired in all we do

The people of Werksmans are invigorated, inspired beings. We make it our business to understand the client – their needs, their concerns, their expectations, and their unique circumstances. We approach all matters with a deep understanding of the full impact of our advice on all facets of our clients’ business – and then we forge a process through which we ensure the advice we give brings about the best possible outcome.

A culture that spans a full century means the solutions we bring the client are more than just answers to corporate and commercial legal challenges. Our solutions open new doors, create new opportunities and establish new frontiers. Driven by a passion and commitment to deliver beyond what is expected, it is a culture that will see us boldly expand our thinking as we focus on bringing success to each client and each matter, time and again.