Pro bono publico means much more than “for the public good” in Latin. It speaks to satisfying a genuine desire to make a difference to individuals or causes of humble means. Our pro bono lawyers willingly volunteer their highly skilled professional services on a regular basis, in recognition of their responsibility to the larger community.

The pro bono team appreciates the need to promote the constitutional imperative of access to justice for all; especially for indigent and vulnerable members of society. For years, we identify and take on matters of public significance that have an impact on the lives of people. Our pro bono lawyers work tirelessly to bring hope to those who may have no other recourse to legal assistance. The team has identified several areas of need that align with the firm’s specialities. These include property rights; consumer rights; children’s rights, disability rights; labour-related rights; access to justice; and rights to healthcare.

Deliberately choosing the right lawyer

When allocating pro bono work within the firm, we use a pairing process to match a particular cause with an attorney or attorneys with an affinity with that cause. This ensures that our efforts yield the true benefits of pro bono work for all concerned.

Legal Advice clinics are the main component of our pro bono commitment. Our signature project is the Werksmans Diepsloot Law Clinic, which is based in Diepsloot, a township north of Johannesburg. Our pro bono lawyers also address areas of need related to corporate governance and risk management for non-profits. This includes the provision of corporate commercial services including the incorporation of non-profit companies and charitable trusts, and assistance with registration as Public Benefit and Non-Profit Organisations.

Download our Diepsloot Consumer Law Clinic flyer.

Download the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights, to which Director Louise Bick made contributions for South Africa.

Download our 10 Rs of Consumer Responsibility booklet.

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