Private Equity lawyers

Werksmans’ Private Equity lawyers approach each matter with the relevant expertise, and also with a solid client support strategy. They do so because they know that private equity funds often find themselves needing to be ready with answers – for shareholders and investors wanting to know what to expect and when. Our lawyers go well beyond the basic functions of forming private equity funds, helping the funds negotiate the terms of investment, and acting for funds when they buy and sell their investments. They also act as sounding boards in times of uncertainty and can be relied upon to provide ahead-of-the-curve advice, positioning the fund for the greatest possible success in its dealings.

Because no two funds are alike, each private equity client of ours receives a bespoke solution tailored to their unique portfolio and fund dynamics. We know our private equity clients are likely to have a diverse spectrum of transactions and are immersed in deals which tend to be very financially sophisticated. As such we provide a suite of services and a range of expertise that speaks not just to private equity but also to the complementary disciplines that feed into it. We know our clients work exceptionally hard to operate efficiently; and we work even harder to ensure that from the fund’s structure to its offerings through to its long-term vision, we provide best practice legal advice.

Our lawyers have long advised private equity funds on all aspects of mergers and acquisitions activity with a client-centric approach that innovates at every turn. Through LEX Africa, we have been exposed to numerous transactions across the continent, giving us deep knowledge of the territorial dynamics that completely change the perception of a fund and its chances of successfully positioning itself. At home and beyond, our private equity law practice is vigorous in its approach, looking always to position the client for the best outcomes and creating value that cascades down the entire private equity chain.

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