Competition law in South Africa

The Competition Act affects every business operating in South Africa, and the serious consequences of contravention necessitate a sound understanding of its basic principles and more importantly, access to the best possible legal advice. Our competition lawyers are at the forefront of developments in competition law in South Africa and have assisted a number of large corporate clients with the competition law aspects of mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

These clients including mining, manufacturing, telecommunications and financial services companies, and foreign multinationals. We also regularly advise on prohibited practices such as cartel conduct, bid rigging and abuses of dominance. Members of our Competition Practice have acted in cartel proceedings in steel, airline, construction, engineering, vehicle, fuel and much more.

Legal skills and business skills

South African competition law differs from foreign models in that the focus is not purely on competition and antitrust issues, but also on certain public interest and social goals. These include the promotion of small businesses, the interests of employees and black economic empowerment. Our deeply experienced competition lawyers bring with them a complementary blend of legal and business skills, and a focus on finding practical solutions and the best possible outcome for the client.

Additionally, our Competition e-Learning Tool provides robust training for all company employees around key areas of competition law South Africa.

Our Competition Law services include competition and antitrust services; specifically mergers, investigations and referrals, and compliance matters.

Competition Law e-Learning Tool

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