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Werksmans – POPIA – BannerWerksmans POPIA Training Course

There is much to be said about the full coming into effect of the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 (“POPIA”) on 1 July 2021. The issue of compliance has been at the forefront of it all along with what organisations need to do to ensure compliance or, as has been commonly communicated, avoid non compliance for fear of penalties and reputational harm.

However, the way to look at POPIA and the 1 July 2021 date is not as a threat but rather as an opportunity. POPIA’s framework is geared towards helping organisations understand the data they possess and conduct themselves in a manner that is responsible when processing that data. This of course requires training. Organisations need to develop an understanding of POPIA’s framework which creates duties for organisations and their Information Officers, empowers the Information Regulator to enforce compliance, and creates certain rights for data subjects.

Director Ahmore Burger-Smidt, Head of the Data Protection and Privacy practice group at Werksmans Attorneys, and a co-author of the textbook on the Protection of Personal Information Act by LexisNexis, is best placed to train organisations and its staff on all things POPIA related. Ahmore has launched a POPIA One Day Training Course which will provide delegates with an in-depth analysis of POPIA and the significant obligations placed on business leaders identified as the “responsible parties” and “information officers”, on-going monitoring of compliance unique to your organisation, access to our POPIA e-leaning tool, and so much more.

All data processing functions within an organisation will have to be accountable for the information they process, ranging from legal; marketing; information officers; managing operations; information systems; public affairs; HR, CEO’s; business leaders; owners; directors etc. and this list is inexhaustible.

Certification: Werksmans Attorneys attendance certificate will be accredited for those attending and participating in the training course.

Costs: R3000 per head per session

Training content: POPIA Training | Training Outline (werksmans.co.za)

Register here, https://bit.ly/2SnZbq8.

For more information, please contact Keyuri Moodley.


We look forward to hosting you on your journey to POPIA compliance.