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Werksmans POPI e-learning Course

Sep 9,2020

Werksmans POPI e-learning Course

The Werksmans Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPI”) e-learning course will provide your business and staff with a basic understanding on:

• What POPI is all about;
• Why POPI exists and who does POPI apply to;
• How POPI effects your business;
• What the eight conditions for lawful processing means; and
• Raise awareness of POPI.

POPI was enacted to give effect to the constitutionally enshrined right to privacy. In addition, POPI was enacted to protect personal information and to provide persons with data protection rights and remedies. POPI is currently in full effect, therefore compliance with POPI has become indispensable.

In our modern society, the value of personal data is limitless. Personal data has become the object of trade and companies compete to acquire and process personal information.

The Werksmans Attorneys POPI e-learning course will provide a consistent, accurate, in-depth and dependable means of training staff in order to protect both the business and employee from possible penalties, damages, sanctions arising from non-compliance and reputational damages.

Who is this course designed for?

• Both the public and private sectors, NGO’s, SMME’s, listed and unlisted companies.
• Anyone that is interested in learning the basics about POPI and how it affects their business.
• The course is designed to cater for all individuals irrespective of their position and role within the organisation. There are no barriers to entry nor any prerequisites.

Features of this e-learning course

The e-learning course is written in a non-technical, user friendly style, and provides users with an explanation of relevant principles, real-life examples and practical scenarios that may be encountered. The course is interactive and engaging and learners will apply their knowledge through test questions at the end of each section.

This e-learning course will provide:

• comprehensive and engaging learning content on POPI and consists of “POPI101” and “POPI102” comprising 8 modules;
• assessment and short quizzes and tracking of results of learners;
• user-friendly instructional systems combined with self-paced e-learning training solutions with checkpoints; and finally, an enjoyable experience.

The e-learning course can be set up as a web-hosted solution and it takes approximately 3 hours to complete. The course contains an introduction to each theme and a learning section consisting of questions and answers which enhance learning. The training ends with a final assessment and after successful completion a learner will receive a certificate of having completed the Werksmans POPI e-learning course.

Topics covered:

POPI101 and POPI102 covers the following:

• Overview and background of POPI;
• The role players in terms of POPI;
• Consent in terms of POPI;
• What constitutes personal information and special personal information;
• The impact of POPI on marketing;
• The eight conditions for processing personal information;
• The transfer of personal information; and
• The consequences of non-compliance.

Benefits of the e-learning course

The Werksmans e-learning course is developed by a team of data privacy and regulatory compliance experts within Werksmans. This course will provide you and your business with the correct set of skills and knowledge to comply with POPI irrespective of your position within the business. It can be rolled out to a large number of users within an organisation in an efficient and cost-saving manner.

Benefits include:

  • Reach within organisation: wide and easy reach of all employees throughout the organisation at their desks.
  • Improved knowledge: online training results in better knowledge retention than face-to-face training.
  • Convenience and Flexibility: E-learning is self-paced and available 24/7. Learners can pause sessions at their convenience.
  • Cost and time out of office: pay less per credit hour per learner. reduce overall training time – no need for travel and employee remains at office.
  • Progress: bookmark progress (learner can stop and start training at their convenience).
  • Increased Access: only intranet access required – learner remains in one location e.g home, office, coffee shop with no need to travel.
  • Quality training: the learners mind does not wander during training session. Knowledge is retained and understanding is tested. Learner receives a completion certificate.

As an additional benefit, the Werksmans e-learning course is registered and qualifies for 4 CPD points.


Access is based on a license fee tailored to your needs and depends upon the number of users as well as any customisation requirements.
Contact us for detailed information.


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