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URGENT update: Amendments to regulations for lockdown level 3

Aug 4,2020

by Jacques van Wyk, Director; Andre van Heerden, Senior Associate; and Thabisa Yantolo, Candidate Attorney

On 31 July 2020 the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, published amendments to the Regulations (“Amendments“) in the Government Gazette which were effective from 31 July 2020. The Amendments provide, among others, as follows.


The national curfew will be extended from 9pm to 10pm to allow for restaurants to have uninterrupted dinner services. The curfew shall end at 4am. The sale of alcohol, however, remains prohibited.

Leisure Travel

Intra-provincial leisure travel will be permitted. In this regard, hotels, lodges, bed and breakfast, timeshare facilities and guest houses will be allowed to operate to accommodate persons travelling for leisure purposes. Short-term home rental / sharing remains closed.

Tour Operators

Tourist attractions remain closed except for intra-provincial private self-drive excursion and guided tours.


Ports of entry for foreign sea crew for the purposes of exchange of sea crew in the Republic may be kept opened.

Sporting activities

All gatherings are prohibited except, among others, a gathering at sporting activities inclusive of both professional non-contact and contact sport matches. This exception is subject to:

  • Directions for sports matches issued by the Cabinet member responsible for sport after consultation with the Cabinet member responsible for health;
  • Only journalists, radio, television crew, security personnel, emergency medical services, and the necessary employees employed by the owners of the venue of the sports match are allowed at the venue during the sports match;
  • Only the required number of players, match officials, support staff and medical crew required for the sports match, are allowed at the venue during the sports match;
  • No spectators are allowed at the venue or precinct of the sports match; and
  • No international sport events are allowed.

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