Jun 6,2018 / News / Firms News


Director, Natalie Scott discusses blockchain and its ability to revolutionise the world as we know it.



Data Privacy expert Ahmore Burger-Smidt discusses the importance of the Protection of Personal Information Act and the impact on the future business landscape in South Africa at a panel discussion. She also talks about her recent book, “A Commentary on the Protection of Personal Information Act” authored by Ahmore Burger-Smidt and Yvonne Burns (published by LexisNexis).



Our Labour experts discuss the implications of the proposed amendments to the Labour Relations Act (LRA) relating to industrial action.



An introduction to Blockchain including an understanding of the technology, the use of Blockchain and a discussion of the technical and legal risks associated with Blockchain.

Blockchain Seminar Intro


Blockchain Seminar Alain J Renard


Blockchain Seminar Advocate Michael Antonie


Blockchain Seminar Carel De Jager


Blockchain Seminar Natalie Scott


Blockchain Seminar Q & A