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Jun 5,2019


The Diepsloot Law Clinic opened its doors in 2012. This law clinic is the only one of its kind in Diepsloot. It currently operates weekly, on Tuesdays, and provides pro bono legal assistance to indigent people in the Diepsloot Township and surrounding areas.

Clients who consult at the law clinic have an opportunity to have face-to-face interaction with an experienced attorney and obtain quality pro bono legal advice and/or representation.

The matters that are dealt with at the law clinic mainly relate to consumer law, child maintenance, late registration of births, property disputes, and labour-related queries. We also advise non-profit organisations on matters relating to corporate governance.

Over and above the provision of pro bono legal advice and representation to clients, I regularly present training workshops on a range of legal topics including: domestic violence, harassment, wills, consumer rights and child maintenance to various organisations and schools.

In 2017, the pro bono team received an award from the Law Society of the Northern Provinces (Legal Practice Council), where our outstanding contribution to the Law Society’s Pro Bono Scheme was recognised. The Diepsloot Law Clinic played a significant role in our receipt of this incredible accolade.

I am proud to report that we have consulted with 1143 clients since the Diepsloot Law Clinic opened its doors in 2012. However, in the last financial year alone, we consulted with 389 clients. The Diepsloot Law Clinic hours make up a large percentage of the firm’s overall pro bono hours. This is a great achievement given that the clinic only opens once a week.

As a result of the substantial growth of the Diepsloot Law Clinic, we have taken an exciting decision to open our doors to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 2019.

Another exciting milestone for the Diepsloot Law Clinic is the introduction of mediation services, which we will offer on a pro bono basis from 2020.

Further, we intend to invite fee earners to volunteer at the Diepsloot Law Clinic from early 2020.

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