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Amazon Brand Registry Registration

Nov 14,2023

Janine Hollesen - Head of Intellectual Property

With Amazon hitting South African shores in 2024, South African vendors can register their products ahead of time. 

Vendors can also register their brands with Amazon Brand Registry which we recommend be done. 

Further information can be found at Amazon Brand Registry Registration which includes the easy steps to enrol your brand, which needs a registered or pending trade mark. 

The enrolment is done by the brand owner who must provide the following information:

  • brand name which has a registered or pending trade mark which appears on the products or packaging together with images;
  • the trade mark registration or application number; and
  • a list of product categories where the brand should be listed eg. clothing, electronics or sporting goods. 

The benefits include protecting your intellectual property, managing product listings, getting access to tools to help protect trade marks and reporting and removing counterfeit or unauthorised listings.

Get in touch with the Werksmans IP team for more information and also to ensure that your trade marks are registered or that new applications are in place to register with the Amazon Brands Registry.