Sep 2,2020 / News / Legal Brief

Join Director Michael Honiball and other speakers for a webinar, discussing South African and Israeli tax, financial and wealth planning opportunities.

South Africans immigrating to Israel may enjoy substantial income tax benefits (the 10 year tax holiday). Planning for Aliya requires careful evaluation of the emigration factors in South Africa including income tax and foreign exchange matters as well as consideration of tax, banking, financial and wealth management in Israel. Join this webinar to plan your Aliya or reflect on your Aliya progress with SA and Israeli tax and financial professionals.


  • Michael Honiball Director, Werksmans Attorneys
  • Terence Klingman Chief Investment Officer, Family Heritage Office
  • Jeff & Gidon Broide Partners, Broide & Co. Accountants


  • Financial emigration from SA
  • SA tax and exchange control
  • 10-year tax holiday
  • Taxation of trusts and individuals
  • Banking & Wealth Management
  • Bank account opening, KYC & receipt of funds
  • Wealth Management investment platforms

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