Jul 15,2020 / News / Legal Brief

The President has announced that POPIA will commence on 1 July 2020. This means all affected organisations must comply with the Act within 12 months or face hefty fines.

Want to be sure your organisation is compliant? Join our Head of Data Privacy Ahmore Burger-Smidt to discuss what the commencement of POPIA means for data privacy laws, the potential effects on your business, and what your organisation can do to safeguard private information and ensure compliance.

This introductory webinar will cover:

  • Understanding of POPIA
  • The importance of data privacy
  • Reasons and implications for complying with POPIA
  • What POPIA means for businesses today
  • What organisations need to do to comply with the latest POPIA regulations
  • Roles for organisations and individuals responsible for safeguarding personal information

Register here, https://bit.ly/3j4cJzj.