May 4,2022 / News / Webinar

The Interplay Between Cultural Heritage, Land, and the Environment

The past two years of the pandemic have exposed some of South Africa’s dire legislative and socio-economic issues that continue to plague society. Whilst there has been much public discourse and debate about the importance of a capable State, our quarterly webinar sheds the spotlight on recent legislative developments and court decisions in relation to the status of public procurement, and the intersection between land, the environment, and the assertion of cultural and spiritual rights.

We focus on a recent Constitutional Court judgment and its implication for the future of public procurement as it relates to the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act Regulations and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment.

We also consider the recent High Court judgments involving the balancing of rights to explore and undertake seismic surveys along the Wild Coast of South Africa and the effectiveness of the One Environment System. In doing so, we will also discuss an emerging form of jurisprudence where the courts continue to uphold and promote the recognition of communal land rights.

Lastly, we consider the relevance and importance of land use rights and identify challenges in enforcing court orders for evictions that were obtained during the National State of Disaster brought by the COVID 19 pandemic.


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