Jul 3,2017 / News / Johannesburg Seminar

On 29 June 2017 the Minister of Health published the final White Paper containing the proposals for the construction of a national health insurance scheme entitled “National Health Insurance Policy: Towards Universal Health Cover”. The White Paper sets out a paradigm shift in the architecture of the South African healthcare sector – both public and private – and contains the potential for major consequences for all stakeholders in that sector. The financing of the scheme is a central feature of the paradigm shift in the delivery of healthcare to South Africans. The manner in which we access health services and the way in which we purchase healthcare are set to change.

We will introduce you to the tenets of the White Paper and set out what the major changes are that have now been proposed as we enter the second phase of national health insurance.

Hosted by: Neil Kirby, Director and Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice.