Jul 27,2017 / News / Johannesburg Seminar

“The Land Question” continues to be the subject of intensive debate in South Africa. Land reform, one of governments’ main transformatory programmes, has itself been transformed over the past twenty years, reflecting changing policy agendas and ideological positions.

Werksmans, through its representation of landowners, land claimants and funders of land related projects, has a unique insight into the practical application of the changing framework that deals with the land question.

The seminar will focus on the multi-dimensional character of Land Reform, the role of the judiciary in Land Reform and provide insight into the motivation behind the recent legislative amendments in this sphere over the past 18 months, the principles that form part of government’s policy framework and their practical application focusing on:

  • Land ownership by foreign nationals;
  • The impact of new land restitution claims on developments;
  • Notable decisions emanating from the judiciary; and
  • patial planning and land use management in South Africa and how restitution impacts spatial planning.