Jan 12,2018 / News / Johannesburg Seminar

We welcome 2018 with fundamental shifts and changes in regulation governing health care in South Africa as well as draft proposed regulations under our privacy laws. We are also drawing to the close of the health market inquiry under the auspices of the Competition Commission. Much is happening and is to happen for purposes of legal developments in 2018 and beyond in the areas of healthcare and life sciences.

Please join us for a seminar where our experts will take you through the changes and expected changes for 2018 and beyond. Make our seminar a crucial part of your planning for business in 2018 and beyond in the areas of healthcare and life sciences.



Introduction and Welcome

  • Healthcare in 2018

Bonusing and Sampling – What you can and can’t do in respect of the supply of medicines and medical devices: Analysis of the Draft Regulations currently available for Public Comment.

Speaker: Neil Kirby

  • Healthcare in 2019

An update on the health market inquiry: Where we are now and to where we are going?

Speaker: Dominique Arteiro

  • Healthcare in 2020

Draft regulations under the Protection of Personal Information Act – The Implications for Information Officers and Legal Compliance for Business: An Analysis of the Draft Regulations.

Speaker: Helen Michael

  • Healthcare in 2021

The Insurance Act No. 18 of 2017 – What it means for funding healthcare and the “business of a medical scheme”

Speaker: Natalie Scott

  • Healthcare in 2037

Controlling Artificial Intelligence in Health Law: A Possible Legal Approach and the Future Trends in Healthcare Law

Speaker: Zama Mthiyane

  • Questions and Discussion
  • Closing