Sep 20,2016 / News / Johannesburg Seminar

Environmental law is a morass of regulations, laws, statutes, by-laws, guidelines and directives. However, environmental law remains an important part of business operations in so far as it imposes obligations on all business operations.

Our environmental law practice area intends to bring you the most recent and controversial developments in environmental law and provide you with the unique perspective as to the scope and ambit of the development and its impact upon your business. The specialist lawyers that operate in our environmental law practice area will present to you on recent developments in legislative law and case law as well as an assessment of how environmental law obligations are evolving and the proposed amendments to those obligations and what all of this means to you and your business.

Environmental law is not only about meeting obligations but ensuring that you are socially aware and achieve an environmental impact that is consistent with principles of corporate social responsibility, governance principles and legal security.