May 22,2018 / News / Podcast

Blockchain is revolutionising global trade and presenting both opportunities and challenges in the fields of intellectual property law, contact law and regulatory law. This seminar will provide an introduction to Blockchain including an understanding of the technology, the use of Blockchain and a discussion of the technical and legal risks associated with Blockchain.

Join us for a seminar which provides insight into:

  • An introduction to blockchain.
  • Understanding the technology.
  • How do we use blockchain?
  • What are the risks – technical and legal?

Des Williams – Director, Werksmans
Carel de Jager – Consultant, Blockchain Academy (Pty) Ltd
Alain J Renard – Managing Director, AJR Corporate Financial Services
Natalie Scott – Director, Werksmans


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Blockchain Seminar Intro
Blockchain Seminar Alain J Renard
Blockchain Seminar Advocate Michael Antonie
Blockchain Seminar Carel De Jager
Blockchain Seminar Natalie Scott
Blockchain Seminar Q & A